We are so excited to see you in May! Note that you will need to go through the full transaction process for each of these types of registration individually. So if you are getting a Retreat Registration + Bunk in a Modern Lodge, and a Retreat Registration for a Girl 8-18, and the Angela Gallo Pre-Retreat Add On (what excellent choices!), you will need to do three separate transactions. Sorry for the slight inconvenience, but this is the best way we found to offer payment plans that we had lots of requests for. I guess you could say we're roughing it ;) Make sure you fully answer any of our registration questions so we can keep ourselves organized! If you need assistance, please contact

Angela Gallo Dynamo Doula Half Day Training Add on

Join Angela for a half day, pre-retreat strategy and secret sharing sesh! She will take you start to finish through her workflow as a Doula, tips and strategies to amplify your own workflow, increase your value. This will be perfect for people wanting a leg up in their doula work or people considering doula work. 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Friday May 24th, 2019 at Camp Miller prior to the Indie Birth Retreat. **Currently only available with a full Retreat Ticket