Indie Birth Retreat

Retreat in Northern Minnesota
May 24-27th, 2019

Registration open!


This Year's Theme iS

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The Vision

Last year's Retreat in Minnesota felt so good that we decided to do it again. So once again we are getting OUT of the conference room and into the woods.  Our main sessions this year will be designed to nurture you in all ways, and will focus on how we can bring that same spirit back to the communities we are a part of.  The weekend will also be interspersed with experiences designed to connect you to the like-hearted women around you. We will eat together, bunk together, and work together to move midwifery into the new paradigm. We can already see it happening. Can you?

With such a large facility and so many spaces to utilize, we will have lots of opportunity to spread out and connect within schedule and unscheduled conversations. We will definitely hit the sauna, and we encourage you to take a canoe break with your new best friends. Indie Birth invites you to come and inhabit the center of your own spiral, contributing your own wisdom to the weekend and co-creating something truly special. We want this weekend to be a practice in living the wise woman model, caring for ourselves and each other.


May 24-27, 2019



12pm -5pm Check in
12:30- 5:30
Pre-Conference Dynamo Doula Training with Angela Gallo (add-on) + Mini-Skills Sessions
6pm Dinner
7 - 9 Opening Ceremony and Fire with Lisa Lister


7am Yoga for Birth Workers with Mara Panacci
8 Breakfast
9 - 9:30 Main Morning Session with Maryn and Margo
9:45- 10:45 Breakout Sessions
- Social Media Slay with Angela Gallo (practice this all weekend!)
    - Incorporating Spirituality More Deeply Into Your Work with Carolyn Kerns
     - LGBTQ+ and Gender Affirming Practices for Birth Workers with Jenna Brown
11:15 - 12:15 Breakout Sessions
- Happy. Period with Maria
- Gail Hart Session TBA
12:30 pm Lunch
1:15-3:15 Connecting to Each Other and the Earth
- Low Ropes Groups at 1 and 2:15
- Archery from 1-2, Tomahawk Throwing 2:15-3
- Walking Alignment Chat with Maria Antonescu
- Open Canoeing
3:30-5:15 Breakout Sessions
- Sexuality and Motherhood with Angela Gallo
- Oxytocin’s Effects on Babies with Gail Hart
- Vaginal Steaming with Emily Graham
5:30 Dinner
7 - 9 Screening of Special Birth Videos from the Indie Birth team
9 -10:30 Sauna + Fire


7am Guided Hike
8am Breakfast

8:45 - 10:30 Main Session with Lisa Lister
10:45 - 12:15 Breakout Sessions
     - Tarot for Truth Seeking and Meditation with Carolyn Kerns
- Release and Elevate: A Movement Practice for Creative Expression and High-Vibes Living with Kate Varsava
-Sacred Fertility: Preparing Your Body To Welcome A Baby with Mara Panacci
12:30 Lunch
1:30 - 2:30 Free Time/Self-Care Time/Nap Time before…
2:30-5 Taking the Leap High Ropes Course Releasing and Trust Building OR Partner Yoga
5:30 Dinner
6:30 - 7:30 Breakout Sessions with Maryn and Margo (TBA)
Gail Hart Fireside Chat, S'mores + Sunset Canoeing


8am Breakfast
9am - 10am Closing Ceremony
10am Breaking Camp
Noon Check out


session details.png

Dynamo Doula Training Pre-Conference Add On

Join Angela for a half day, pre-retreat strategy and secret sharing sesh! This will be perfect for people wanting a leg up in their doula work or people considering doula work. 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Friday May 24th, 2019 at Camp Miller prior to the start of the Indie Birth Retreat. **Currently only available with a full Retreat Ticket

More details from Angela!
After a delicious time getting my oxytocin drenched summer camp vibes on at the Indie Birth Retreat in 2018, I am returning in 2019 to deliver a series of supercharged workshops on everything I love most.

I will be hosting a super exclusive training event on the day before the actual retreat starts, so if you are looking to learn all about my unique insights & techniques, all the while upgrading your current understanding of what being a Doula is – let me be the one to take you from vanilla-play it safe-damage control Doula to everything that is the Dynamo Doula.

Some of my unique perspective and teaching points will be...

  1. Finding your passion and purpose - let's begin with what pisses you off?

  2. Integrating values when defining our target market - why a similar value system with clients is critical to ensure alignment and mutual investment

  3. Love Languages - using communication that genuinely inspires connection, trust, affection, safety and between the client / partner and Doula

  4. Hawk Eye - using the broadest lens and the most powerfully attentive of your peripheries to ensure a high standard of emotional & energetic traffic controlling, all the while keeping your finger on any pulse that needs attention at any given time.

  5. Birth Roulette - understanding the mechanics of a system you are at the mercy of regardless of how much you prepare

  6. Angela's Hack # 1 - The 5 P's

  7. Angela's Hack #2 - The 5 F's

  8. 'Breaking the rules to make your best work'

  9. Diversification of Offerings - the power of diversity and pivot in the Doula's business model

  10. Birth as the vehicle & experience (catalyst)  in which resilience + strength can be reclaimed if previously not experienced or stolen via neglect/trauma, birth as the experience necessary to feel confident & competent in parenthood.

Yoga for Birth Workers with Mara Panacci

Come and sink into the essence of who you are and nurture your divine healing nature in our one hour Yoga for Birth Workers class. We will explore our bodies in their natural range of motion, flow through postures to release stagnant energy and stretch into places that feel good and healthy. No previous Yoga experience necessary, wear comfortable to you clothing and all bodies and abilities welcome.

Spirituality and Birth with Carolyn Kerns

Pregnancy and birth are some of the most deeply spiritual moments in a person’s life. How do you feel about spirit? Are you sometimes uncomfortable, and would like to be better able to address spiritual issues with your clients? Are you a spiritual person yourself but would like to deepen that work professionally? Is midwifery part of your spiritual calling and you would love a space to share and explore that part of your work? Then this workshop is for you!*

Come join us for a guided group discussion saturated in Spirit, interconnection, and practical practices!

Sexuality & Motherhood with Angela Gallo

Wanna get freaky? If you’re into the ways that sexuality and motherhood meet (and the ways current culture tries to rip them apart), I will also be delivering a feminist infused workshop on the necessary ways women need to be looking at reclaiming their personal powers, as well as the inherent connection between happiness, vitality + well being, mental health and confidence, to the ways we experience pleasure in and out of our bodies – before, during and after birth.

LGBTQIA+ Compassionate Practices for Birth Professionals with Jenna Brown

It benefits all of your clients to incorporate gender inclusive practices into the work that you do, but where do you start? Navigating the ever-dynamic LGBTQIA+ world can be daunting. This workshop will give you a basic understanding of family diversity, and how to best signal through your language, imagery, intake forms, and more that you are a professional who is willing to be (and continually adapt to become) an ally to the vastly underserved queer population of birthing people and parents. Whether you are a midwife, doula, traditional birth attendant, or childbirth educator, the services and care that you provide are already occurring at an intimate person-to-person level that is exactly the right scale and pace at which to integrate these inclusive practices. If you aren’t sure whether this type of work is important to you or within your scope, I hope you will still consider being a part of the conversation.

Peristeam Hydrotherapy (Vaginal Steaming) for Birth Workers and Their Clients with Emily Graham

We will dive into this ancient practice of midwives from all over the world, starting with the basics; What is vaginal steaming? Why would someone use it? How is it done? What herbs should be used? How often does one steam?

We will discuss a few case studies and touch on menstrual cycle analysis for menstruating clients. We'll explore the various ways people steam, from custom-made steam saunas to DIY no-cost options using things found in all homes.

Using vaginal steams in the postpartum time has been a universal part of midwifery care for all cultures who utilized this healing modality. We will discuss how you can incorporate vaginal steaming into your birth practice whether you are a doula or a midwife.

Then the fun part! We'll each analyze our own cycles and create a personalized herbal blend to take home or to use in a steam at Indie Birth Camp.

Tarot for Truth Seeking with Carolyn Kerns

Tarot cards are a tool to read the energies that surround us, to reflect on how we answer our own spiritual callings (not just big picture, but every day), and how we can show up best for those we care about.

This workshop offers an introduction to the classical readings and correspondences of the Tarot, a guided Tarot meditation, and a shared discussion around Tarot as a spiritual practice both in our personal lives and in work with clients.

If you are an old hand, come and share your wisdom; if you are brand new, come join us and learn!  

Social Media Slay with Angela Gallo

I am going to be bringing my current Social Media Slay workshop to members of the Indie Birth community. I am going to be BITING INTO THIS, BIG TIME – don’t miss your shot to be in good company and learn genuinely useful, game changing information on how to ditch the bullshit formulas and systems you’re sold by marketing companies to help you ‘grow your following’ (bulllssshit) and instead understand what it takes to step into an unprecedented realm of self confidence in order to level up as a powerful brand and person of influence in the birth world.

You will learn the exact strategies I use, what major factors come into play when I am using social media (hint – you don’t wing it and wonder why it isn’t getting you results ) and why a powerful personal brand MUST BE on your list of ‘shit to do to make shit happen’.

If you are invested in developing an online persona & voice that is not only respected in your arena, but acts as a beacon of hope and change for those individuals who need it most - I can help drive you towards a system that leverages your personality, passion and expertise on social media.

Release and Elevate: A Movement Practice for Creative Expression and High-Vibes Living with Kate Varsava

The body is more than physical.  Our bodies are a living, breathing testament to our life’s experiences, our past and present emotional states, the herstory of our ancestors.  In our bodies we store physical memories of emotions, we indoctrinate our cells with the beliefs of the dominant culture, and we hold the experiences of our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers...  But we can release this through somatic practice in order to free ourselves from any limitations imposed by the physical storage of the metaphysical experience, creating space for energy to flow freely, for creative inspiration to abound, to express ourselves openly, and to live as sovereign beings.  

I will guide a somatic experience of expression and release to foster the internal environment for creativity and honest expression to flow freely.  In this session we’ll start with manipulation of the breath to calm the body and mind, and release tension. We’ll then enter a movement practice, allowing the body to flow, jitter, roll...move as it needs to as an expression of internal sensation.  We’ll notice points of stiffness as well as points of softness, and we’ll lean into both. We’ll incorporate vocal expression as a practice of liberty, and finally complete our journey with reflection through free form writing.

This practice is intended to elevate us to a higher vibration, from which we can live fulfilled and impassioned lives.  

Sacred Fertility: Preparing Your Body To Welcome A Baby with MAra Panacci

In this workshop we’ll dive into the space between wanting to conceive a baby someday in the near future,to becoming pregnant. Exploring topics such as conscious conception, we’ll journey into how this can be a sacred time in a woman’s life to prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We’ll talk about fertility boosting foods, nutrition in general, lifestyle practices, belief patterns and affirming choices to increase health, vitality and chances to conceive naturally and quickly.


 Tickets include lodging, food + Sessions (seriously) 


Retreat Ticket + Bunk in a Rustic Cabin  

This registration includes a bunk in one of the winterized rustic cabins near the fire circle, all of your meals (dinner Friday night through breakfast Monday morning), and access to all main sessions, breakout sessions and scheduled activities (ropes course, canoeing, s'mores, etc).  The rustic cabins sleep 15, are fully heated and are the closest to the sauna. They have access to the nearby Pine Palace for restrooms and showers (there are not restrooms or showers in the rustic cabins). 

*** Nursing non-mobile babes in arms only, and we will ask those with babies to step out if they are too loud for people to focus.  

*** Tickets are NON-refundable, including any payment plan payments. 


Ticket + Bunk in a Modern Lodge

This registration includes a bunk in one of several modern lodges, all of your meals (dinner Friday night through breakfast Monday morning), and access to all main sessions, breakout sessions and scheduled activities (ropes course, canoeing, s'mores, etc).  The modern lodges vary in size, are fully heated and have bathrooms and showers in them.  

*** Nursing non-mobile babes in arms only, and we will ask those with babies to step out if they are too loud for people to focus.  

*** Tickets are NON-refundable, including any payment plan payments. 


Dynamo Doula Half Day Add On

Join Angela for a half day, pre-retreat strategy and secret sharing sesh! She will take you start to finish through her workflow as a Doula, tips and strategies to amplify your own workflow, increase your value. This will be perfect for people wanting a leg up in their doula work or people considering doula work. 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm on Friday May 24th, 2019 at Camp Miller prior to the Indie Birth Retreat. **Currently only available with a full Retreat Ticket


Girls Camp Tickets (Ages 8-18)

We are welcoming our girls to camp again this year, in a slightly more structured way. They will have their own schedule and rec times, and will have their own cabin to share. Girls are welcome at all sessions, ceremonies and of course their meals are also covered with their registration. 

*** Tickets are NON-refundable, including any payment plan payments. 

Indie BirthConference + RetreatMay 18-21 2018Come Conspire (8).png


The whole Indie Birth team and friends will be crafting new and exclusive sessions again. Saturday and Sunday we will also enjoy recreational activities led by camp staff.  We are so excited to have everyone in one place again, so that we can connect more in the down time, and also extend the "up-time" into all the nooks and crannies of the weekend. Session details can be found above ^^


Camp Miller has 340 acres of woodland, a crystal clear lake, over 8 miles of hiking trails, and lots of awesome recreational activities. 


We'll bunk together in lodges and cabins to get the real deal camp experience!  All the lodges have their own bathrooms with showers and all the cabins have access to the Pine Palace shower house and restrooms.  You'll get a twin bunk to snuggle down into each night in a room with other attendees.  


All meals for the weekend are included in your registration (yes, really). The camp cooks work hard to feed us, and you simply show up to eat when the bell rings - this might be the best part of the whole Retreat (just kidding, mostly). We will enjoy each other's company and release some oxytocin as we chow down in the dining hall as a group, and we make sure all your dietary needs are accounted for by gathering any necessary info at the time of registration.


All campy jokes aside, we think this weekend will be what each of us needs to become stronger leaders in the movement towards authentic midwifery.  We hope that in 50 years we will look back and write that Indie Birth years at Camp Miller were a turning point in the herstory of midwifery. We are the resistance, and this weekend will help make us stronger and more ready for what the world is asking of us.


Indie BirthConference + RetreatMay 18-21 2018Come Conspire (11).png


From North (Duluth): Take I-35 S. roughly 45 minutes south of Duluth, take Sturgeon Lake exit 209, turn left to go across hwy, first left at E. Frontage Rd., 2 blocks, turn rightinto Camp Miller Entrance

From South (Twin Cities): Take I-35 N. roughly 55 minutes north of Cambridge, take Sturgeon Lake exit 209, turn right to drive past the gas station, first left at E. Frontage Rd., 2 blocks, turn right into Camp Miller Entrance

Entering Camp and Parking: Follow signs to stay to the left upon entering camp.  Pull in front of Mitchell Hall where you will see a registration table, and we will guide you from there.



A sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, twin fitted sheet for mattress if you are feeling fancy, a flashlight, toiletries, tennis shoes, raincoat/jacket/sweater, hat, swimsuit for sauna, towel, sunscreen, laundry bag, water bottle, bug spray.



Check in to camp is from noon - 5pm on May 24th, followed by dinner in the dining hall at 5:30pm.  

Transportation OPTIONS

You can take the Groome Transportation shuttle from the Minneapolis/St Paul airport to Camp Miller (just be sure let them know you need to be dropped off at the camp WHEN YOU BOOK!).  You can also, of course, rent a car. Utilize the Facebook group to find a carpool buddy.