Dynamo Doula Training

After a delicious time getting my oxytocin drenched summer camp vibes on at the Indie Birth Retreat in 2018, I am returning in 2019 to deliver a series of supercharged workshops on everything I love most – Doula work, branding + business, sexuality + motherhood.


I will be hosting a super exclusive training event on the day before the actual retreat starts, so if you are looking to learn all about my unique insights & techniques, all the while upgrading your current understanding of what being a Doula is – let me be the one to take you from vanilla-play it safe-damage control Doula to everything that is the Dynamo Doula.

Some of my unique perspective and teaching points will be...

  1. Finding your passion and purpose - let's begin with what pisses you off?

  2. Integrating values when defining our target market - why a similar value system with clients is critical to ensure alignment and mutual investment

  3. Love Languages - using communication that genuinely inspires connection, trust, affection, safety and between the client / partner and Doula

  4. Hawk Eye - using the broadest lens and the most powerfully attentive of your peripheries to ensure a high standard of emotional & energetic traffic controlling, all the while keeping your finger on any pulse that needs attention at any given time.

  5. Birth Roulette - understanding the mechanics of a system you are at the mercy of regardless of how much you prepare

  6. Angela's Hack # 1 - The 5 P's

  7. Angela's Hack #2 - The 5 F's

  8. 'Breaking the rules to make your best work'

  9. Diversification of Offerings - the power of diversity and pivot in the Doula's business model

  10. Birth as the vehicle & experience (catalyst)  in which resilience + strength can be reclaimed if previously not experienced or stolen via neglect/trauma, birth as the experience necessary to feel confident & competent in parenthood.

This add on is currently only available for those who also purchase full Retreat tickets. We many open registration to non-attendees as the dates get closer. Bundled, the Dynamo Doula Training and full Retreat ticket cost $899-$1049 depending on the accommodations you choose, so consider this rockin’ option!